Establishment of DARMAN

DARMAN stands for Development Association and Relief of Medical for Afghan Nation.

It was established in 1997 in Peshawar, Pakistan by a group of medical professionals, engineers, educational specialists, and university professors. The majority of its members were refugees at that time from Afghanistan. They returned to their homeland in May 2002 with a desire to serve their fellow countrymen.

DARMAN is a registered Afghan NGO, a non-governmental organization. It became registered in August 2002 (in Ministry of Planning of Afghanistan) and re-registered in February 2006 (in Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan). It does not belong to any party and is not involved in any political activities. DARMAN has signed protocol agreements with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health.

It is staffed by national workers, primarily health and education professionals. DARMAN’s central office is currently located in Kart-e-Nau, Kabul, Afghanistan. A sub Office exists in Kama near Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.