Fields of Activity

DARMAN has expertise in the areas of Health, Education and Income generation.

DARMAN’S projects in Pakistan among Afghan refugees included a very successful health clinic in Naser Bagh refugee camp as well as several small income generation projects.

DARMAN also successfully completed
– a HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Program for health facilities staff in Kabul
an Adult Women’s Literacy program,
–  several Winter Relief Distributions in Kabul for IDPs and refugee returnees

Due to funding shortage, the following programs had to be closed in course of the years:
– a Male & Female Primary School in Nangarhar province
– a Drug Demand Reducation & Rehabilitation Center with General Medical Clinic in   
– an Educational Development Institute in Kabul

Currently, DARMAN is running a Comprehensive Health Care centre in Kart-e-Nau of Kabul Province and a Primary School in Kama district of Nangarhar province.